Our Story(update)

Skinner American Goods was founded in 2014 when I picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift shop on a whim.

I took it back to my college bedroom and started learning how to use it. After a few months of making pillow cases and canvas totes, I wanted to tackle something more challenging. I naively thought that jeans wouldn't be hard to make and set out to craft my first pair.

They were truly awful. They didn't fit. They didn't look good. The leg seam blew out the first time I wore them. So I made a few adjustments and made another pair. Then another. I quickly fell in love with denim and the process of making jeans, improving the design with each iteration. It became an obsession.

I spent the next 5 years assembling a collection of nearly 20 vintage industrial sewing machines. Each machine serves a specific purpose in the production process. The vintage machines - most of which were salvaged from closed down garment factories - require more maintenance and are more finicky than modern machines, but the stitch quality is incredible.

Today, Skinner American Goods produces some of the finest denim and leather goods on the planet, with a focus on American-sourced raw materials. Each item is crafted by hand in our workshop/retail space located in the historic and funky Railroad Square Art District in Tallahassee, Florida. Our ethos is simple: thoughtfully designed, responsibly sourced, carefully crafted items are more durable and more beautiful than anything produced with modern materials and techniques. We think you'll agree.

- Daniel Skinner, Owner/Maker